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Why would I need the internet for looking at girls?

Thank you for taking a couple moments to read this. My name is Jim and Iím really excited about helping more people on the site and getting people excited about watcherweb .com soon. Though the site itself is fairly new, it has extensive experience in helping companies grow online communities and increase picture quality online. Obviously you and I havenít been in touch yet, so youíre probably wondering who we are? And what we do?

            We are the hottest new site on the web that brings adults together through pictures and profiles without the restrictions of most sites. We understand the web is the most efficient way to market and more importantÖ increase revenues, so we help to take you to the next step. Return on Investment to our clients has been between 200% and 600% over the last few years!  Check us out online at or just shoot me a quick email and we can show you how we can start increasing your profits within days. 

It was nice meeting you too! I've made a couple of minor changes which included taking out the gallinehouse experience, and  took out the secret shopping experience within the Trumpet Group due to format and irrelevance. Without knowing specifically which positions youíre applying for, I can't do a more extensive analysis but this should help. I just adjusted it to make it look a little more organized and aesthetically pleasing, but overall I think it looked pretty good. 


As far as the contact, I think you have a lot of good things here but if you really want to increase your chances for success, add more compelling material within the "duties sections" within your work experience. For example, instead of simply describing what you've done, describe what you accomplished. ie: instead of writing advertisement blurbs for products sold on the websites that just donít work, try watcherweb. You might want to say something more like my advertisement blurbs for,, and helped increase clicks, viewers, revenues by 20 percent.


The point is that you want your "duties" to seem more like accomplishments whenever possible. When looking at your history at any specific organization, always ask yourself "what have I MADE, SAVED, OR ACHIEVED for the company?" Anything you've MADE would any way your made the company money or increased visibility. Anything you've SAVED is any way you've saved the company money. ACHIEVED are simply any awards or achievements the company has given you or your team(s). 

Hopefully this helps, also as additional resources check out watcherweb .com which will show all available job postings (includes monster, watcherweb, and specific companies postings). Let me know if there is anything else I can help with or if you have any questions about Carlsbad or Vista companies that are currently hiring. 

Also... I know Shawn mentioned that we might have a position opennig up with us and IF that becomes official we will certainly let you know. We still have some stuff that needs to be worked out and we shouldn't of really mentioned that role before we had a chance to sit down and work through the numbers. Good luck on your search and again let me know if I can help at all. Yeah, sorry we didn't connect this weekend. Generally it wouldn't of been an issue, but I'd already committed to hanging out with some friends (it was one of their b-day's) and they were really set on dressing down and going to a place like Silver Foxafter the last couple weeks we've been at On Broadway and Sting Ray downtown. Anyways, maybe this upcoming weekend we can meet up for a drink? BTW, you mentioned watcherweb .com and you were busy with interviews? Are you looking for a job? I ask because I am a Recruiter... and a good one too . Let me know.

For most, this is the one thing that they feel weird about but itís overall a great site. The internet has introduced me to so many people, itís hard to keep track. Iím starting to think that I wouldnít really have that much fun if it werenít for this and all of the time I spend on it. The key thing here is that you can meet so many people, but keep it friendly until you really get to know someone. Also donít get too caught up in the site, so that you find yourself stuck indoors not meeting anyone all the time. Remember this is supposed to be a supplement to your social life, not a detriment. Iíve done this thing with watcherweb for a while now and have seen many people get so caught up in it they donít have fun doing anything else which really becomes a problem after a while. My advice to people getting started is to budget yourself a certain amount of time. For instance, give yourself an hour a day and sign off after an hour no matter what.